Would you like an author to speak at your event?

dsc_0040We don’t just write books. We talk about them, too. Denise Kawaii has spoken at writing clubs, young reader events and to those interested about self publishing. We are happy to share our real world triumphs and struggles with your group to inspire, encourage and celebrate writers and readers. Contact us for information on having Denise Kawaii (or her alternate personality, D.K. Greene) speak to your group.



Book Club Parties:


Want to add a little extra something special to your next book club meeting? Invite an author for a chat about books. Whether we discuss crime thrillers over a glass of wine or chit-chat about the role of technology over animal crackers, D.K. Greene (and her predecessor, Denise Kawaii) looks forward to hearing what your group loves and hates about books. Please contact us to schedule an appearance at your next book club.