Denise Kawaii

Denise Kawaii writes thoughtful stories that leave you feeling inspired, hopeful, and hungry for more.

Adaline has high tech villains, a child hero, and a slow-burning story that will stick with you long after the final page. Perfect for fans of Harry Potter and I, Robot. Find this series on Amazon by clicking the titles below.


Why is Denise Kawaii called a Woman With a Thousand Hats? She’s used turmoil and tragedy to build to a life overflowing with opportunity. Find this inspiring memoir on Amazon by clicking the link below.

Woman With a Thousand Hats

Written for caregivers, A Giraffe in the Room is a novella written from the patient’s perspective. Perfect for those who work in long-term medical care. Find it on Amazon by clicking the link below.

A Giraffe in the Room

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