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Oliver Roberts is a notorious serial murderer. Held behind bars for decades, he’s ready to give up the locations of more bodies.

But with Oliver, everything comes with a price…

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Ebook cover of Lost Keys: a Short Story. A quiet neighborhood at night with a female detective in curlers.

Mac Jones isn’t like other moms.

She skips PTA meetings and ditches the HOA.

Instead, she spends her time solving crime.

… and her children are usually the prime suspects.

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Ebook cover of Adaline, book one of the Adaline series. A boy stands in a narrow hallway between computer servers.

Boy 1124562 is in trouble.

Although he looks like a clone is supposed to look, there’s something different about the way he thinks.

He craves freedom, adventure, and even a little civil disobedience.

When other clones go missing, Boy “62” is determined to unravel the mystery.

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