D.K. Greene

D.K. Greene writes twisted stories that bring the crime family together.

D.K. Greene’s Mommy Mysteries are hilarious tales about a mom
who runs her home like a detective agency.

The Killers Club is a dark crime fiction series that chronicles the cult following of serial murder Oliver “The Godless Killer” Roberts.

D.K. Greene is beginning a brand new series in 2021!

Family reunion becomes a potluck of mystery when a young mother and two delicate daughters emerge from the forest.

The children are bruised, dirty, and afraid.

Nothing can prepare Kevin Baker for the terrifying tale of kidnapping and escape that Emily Morrow tells while her children shiver at her feet.

Can the Baker family protect Emily and her children from the monster in the woods? Or is the wicked culprit hiding among them?

Look for the book one of the Pace Morrow series in early 2021.

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D.K. Greene has been working behind the scenes to bring more crime to the page.

That means more serial killers, more mommy detectives, and more awkward family dinners for your bookshelf.

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