The Adaline Series

The human race has been made pure, curated with mechanical precision. Without worry of illness, famine or social unrest, Adaline’s inhabitants live simple lives of utter contentment. That is, until something dangerous stirs in the mind of one small child.   Will 1124562 protect himself, or save his friends? He can’t do both. In this captivating sequel to Denise Kawaii’s bestseller, Adaline, 1124562 has found … Continue reading The Adaline Series

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Welcome To

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skirts and words

Join author Denise Kawaii and Vault Books and Brew owner Jen as they chat about reading, selling, and enjoying books. Season one is set to air in September, so stay tuned for videos!



Woman With a Thousand Hats

Are you overworked, underpaid, yet somehow still have the ability to dream big? Find out how one woman made her dreams come true despite the overwhelming odds stacked against her.




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