D.K. Wilde

D.K. Wilde writes erotic humor for adults that will tickle your funny bone, and other sensitive parts.

What’s your favorite thing about conventions? The celebrities, the cosplay, the sex… there’s just so much to love. Giggle and moan as you get lost in the pages of The Convention Series, an ongoing series of stories for adults 18+. Load these books onto your Kindle app by clicking the titles below.

Corsets and RumSteam at the SeamsCourting Comics

Feasts of Fancy coming soon…

The Convention Series is far from over. Make sure you don’t miss out.

D.K. Wilde is taking The Convention Series to every con imaginable.

That means Jessica will be finding new adult friends to play with in an ever-expanding series. From superheroes to tentacled explorers, you can expect many more erotic adventures to come.

Make sure you never miss an installment in this steamy (and humorous) series about lust, fantasy, and convention halls.

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